Fernanda Fernandes


    Age: 36

    Height: 5’5

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Measurements: 36C-24-36 

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown

    Nationality: Latina 




    Fernanda is easily one of the area’s best  Mature Latina providers that enjoys going to the casinos for a 1.5 hour minimum. Those who have met her in Connecticut has describe her as the perfect woman.She is very personable, full of joy individual and her laughter is infectious. Fernanda has a deep intellect which makes her an exceptional adult VIP older Brazilian CT escort Companion. She is a delightful female to be repeatedly  in contact with.

    She is a woman with a beautiful smile, a warm inviting personality and a loving affectionate attitude.

    When she asked what she likes most about her new profession being a CT Escort her reply was everything!

    This CT Escort enjoys making new friends she’s made, loves men and couples and absolutely loves making her visitors smile

    Fernanda is a rare find in this arena, a woman at 34 who is brand new to the industry with a zest for life and looks that are as sexy as can be.

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